Fighting games are considered one of the most famous games in today's time. Most like to play fighting games in the game world. There are many people who like to play fighting games. If you have also come to this article looking for information about fighting games on the internet. So you have reached the right place. This article will provide information about the Tekken fighting game. The Tekken series is one of the most famous fighting games. Which launches the latest fighting game every year. This game is related to the Japanese. The game is released internationally. So that any citizen of the world can play the game easily.

This game is released by a Namco developer. This is a fighting simulation game. Which children also like to play. After launching the first game of the Tekken series, this game became very popular among people. Allows it to be played in single-player and multiplayer.

So that players can play the game easily according to their ability. In the early years, the game was allowed to be played on platforms such as Arcade and PlayStation. If you don't have a computer. And like to play games on mobile. So an Android version has also been launched for this. Before that, you have to go to the google play store and from where you want to play any game of the Tekken series. can install it.

About Story For Tekken 3 Game

If you do not know what is the real story of the Tekken series. So its complete information is given below. The original name of Tekken was Rawal War. Which is a thing of the 90s. 25 years have passed in this game. Many characters have been added to make the game fun. When our ancestors used to learn karate for self-defense in the olden times. Who can face the enemies in times of trouble?

Even today there are many Japanese, where there is a famous player. The main objective of this game is to fight. So let's talk about how this game is played. So that you can play this game easily without any hassle. First of all, in this game, all the players are given a personal move.

In which he is given different methods of punching and kicking. Once the game starts, you'll need to select your player. And all other players have to be unlocked. Now two players will be called in a fast. In which the player will have to display his power. If a player falls during the battle. and is not in a standing position. Then the second player will be declared the winner.

How To Play a Tekken 3 Game.

(1) First you can install this game on your computer or mobile.

(2) Once installed, open the game.

(3) Now first select your player.

(4) In the first level, two players will be pitted against each other.

(5) This type of game can be played.